The Team

Web Site Designers Based in London, UK

4D Web Designs is run by just three web site designers and developers in London, UK. We made a conscious decision to keep the size of our web design company small to reduce bureaucracy and keep our service personal, we feel we work well as a team.

Between us, we have a vast amount computer experience over many different platforms - we enjoy designing websites which initially prompted us take a step further by forming our web design company.

One member has been writing and maintaining web sites for nearly 10 years. He has an extensive knowledge of many major programming languages such as C++, VBScript, Perl, PHP, Java/JavaScript, SQL (SQL Server and MySQL) and .NET. He has good knowledge of HTML / XHTML and has a strong interest in learning web coding standards including the importance of web accessibility (WCAG) and conforming to current legal requirements.

The other member has a BSc degree in Chemistry. He first wrote an internet web site 9 years ago and since then have written and maintained over 50 sites. As well as web design, he is very heavily into graphical design for the past few years is competent in several different 3D Modelling Packages such as 3D Studio Max and Bryce as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The 3rd member has graduated with a degree in Computer Science. She has excellent knowledge of HTML, XML, C++, SQL and ASP(VBScript). She was vast web design experience in creating fully functional ecommerce sites which have shopping cart facilities and accept credit card payments.