Online Marketing

How do I promote my Web Site?

The main aim of businesses on the internet is to achieve maximum exposure, all websites should be designed to reach as many internet users as possible who would be interested in the services of your business. To help achieve this, your domain name should be printed on all of the printed literature your company produces, such as printed brochures and business cards which will encourage your prospective clients to view the site. It is also important to have links to your site on other relevant sites, a link is basically a reference to your site on another site where prospective clients may look. For example as a web design company it would be useful for us to have a link on a page aimed at "Online Marketing" and the "Web Design".

However, statistically the majority of internet users will find sites via search engines. Statistics have shown that about 60% of sites found via search engines are entered through Google with 20% from Yahoo! and around 10% from Live.

How can I get a better ranking search engines?

Ranking is defined as what position your web site would appear on a search engine when a certain phrase in typed in, a higher ranking would mean your site would appear sooner. Obviously to appear on the first page is ideal, as few people tend to look further than the top 10 results.

Many web design companies would have you believe there is a secret to getting a good ranking and they have 'special techniques' - this is in fact not true. A good way to start attaining a good ranking is to use a concise page title and headers, many search engines also prefer text that is unique. Also layout your page making sure robots (used by search engines to index your page) can successfully spider though your entire site. Search engines like Google consider incoming links (backlinks) as an important method to 'judge' how important your web site is, incoming links are other websites which contain a link to your site.

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