Web Design Service

Why should we choose you to design our website?

There is a large abundance of qualified Web Site Design Companies in the UK, the vast majority of which are proficient in HTML and other programming languages, however what separates the different companies is the design, layout and accessibility of the sites which they produce. When looking at different design companies' sites we noted that the majority of the sites were either unattractive or hard to navigate or both. Many were incompatible with browsers other than Internet Explorer because they don't follow accessibility guildlines set out by the W3C. Internet users do not want to see unattractive, slow-loading web sites. Statistics show that the majority of Internet users click off a page within seconds if it is not aesthetically pleasing.

We make sure that not only are all of our sites easy to navigate but they are also eye catching and download quickly on a normal dial-up (56k) Internet connection. We follow web design standards ensuring your code is valid and is compatible with as different users as possible, I'm sure you'll be surprised to know that many "web designers" simply don't bother.

Why not check for yourself? If you want to know if a website is valid code simply go to W3C Validator, and type in the url you want to check.

What is the time scale for website design?

There are two of us that run our UK based, web design and development company and because of this we eliminate bureaucracy completely, thus sites can be designed as soon as the specifications and deposit are finalised - the time-scale for the design of your site will be in terms of days as opposed to weeks or months, we work overtime to get your site up and running as soon as possible.

Initially we will need to know what you would like, then we will work out an exact cost of the site for your approval. If this is accepted, we would register the domain name of your choice and start work on your web site immediately. We would also ask for a deposit of 35% at this stage with the remainder to be paid on completion of the project only after you are entirely happy with the site. When the web site is complete we will submit it to the popular search engines to help get your site listed. We also offer a Search Engine Optimisation service to improve your sites ranking on search engines.

Will you maintain my web site for me?

We will maintain your page for you for as long as you would like us to for a flat rate of 35 an hour. Maintenance of a page involves updating information on the site, for instance keeping all of the information on the site up to date or changing the layout. You do not need the site to be maintained for it to continue its' Internet presence and do not need to let us know in advance whether you will require maintenance or not as we automatically keep a backup copy of all sites for a period of 2 years. If you decide you do not want us to maintain the page for you we would give you all of the relevant access passwords and files for your site.

Can you design..?

We can design any page you can conceive accurately, we have an complete knowledge of HTML / XHTML in addition to many other forms of programming language such as JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET and VBScript as well as an entire knowledge of our industry standard software such as Macromedia Flash (up to ActionScript 3) and Adobe Photoshop.

How does your web design pricing system work?

We normally charge from 30 per hour (this is our web design rate) with a full price given before any work is commenced where work will begin subject to your approval - we feel this is the best pricing structure as you do not pay for anything you don't need and our price reflects the complexity and content of the site.

Why are your prices so low?

The reason our prices are so low is because we are based in a small office ensuring virtually no overhead costs and lack the bureaucracy found in larger web design companies in the UK. As a relatively new company we are also eager to build a strong client base, although this does not mean our prices will be going up in the future!

Is there a possibility you won't design the site for me?

Yes, we flatly refuse to design any sites with inappropriate content such as pornographic, racist or hate sites, as well as sites we would consider to be unethical, should the need arise we would always inform you of the reason why it has been decided not to design the site.

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