Our Rates

We normally charge from 30 per hour for development of the web site, this fee applies both for design and maintenance of web sites. For our search engine optimisation, software development or other rates please contact us.

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We will give you an exact cost for design of the site after the general layout and content are the discussed before commencing any work for your approval, although an estimate may be given sooner if required. Why not try our Online Estimate service to get an idea of how much your web site will cost.

Our decision to charge by the hour was taken when looking through other web design companies pricing plans, we noticed that the majority charge by the page, but we don't feel that this is a very clear definition - does a page involve for instance 3D Modelled Wallpapers produced by the company or Macromedia Flash animations or simply plain text? By charging by the hour you will only pay for the content of your site regardless of how many pages. For instance a simple site involving text and graphics designed by you would be a lot faster to design than perhaps a site involving many animations and 3D graphics designed by us.