Why Choose us to design your company website?

There are many web designers out there ranging from major companies to freelancers to part-time designers. Neither one is any worse than the other and the prices can vary from hundreds and hundreds of thousands for just one website. So what makes a good web designer? We, at 4D Web Designs believe the following and therefore make sure these points apply to us;

  1. Build every clients website from scratch to suit their needs - It's amazing how many web designers use and re-use old templates and high charge prices just for the privilege. We advice you to check they're not using templates for you website if you're are unsure.
  2. Don't use software to automatically build your website - We think it's very difficult to call yourself a "web designer" if you're using Microsoft FrontPage to develop websites. They might produce webpages quicker but many are renowned for not producing the most clean code (resulting in longer loading time, more maintenance costs, and normally a website that search engines cannot read properly)
  3. Understand web accessibility - Web accessibility is a huge topic which we are constantly researching. We understand that importance of using simple navigation system which remain consistent throughout a website. We also have full knowledge of the law (DDA) which now states that websites must be accessible to people with disabilities.
  4. Have Knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation - We currently have top 10 rankings for professional web design and web site design uk on Google. Whether you're using our Search Engine Optimisation service or not we make sure that all pages we design are "search engine friendly", that is, search engines like Google will be able to read and index your website.
  5. Don't charge for submitting your website to thousands of search engines - Because this service is a con. In reality the top 10 search engines account for over 95% of all traffic gained from search engines. Please note that none of these 10 need to be submitted to manually (they "find" your website automatically from other websites linking you).
  6. Will not over-charge hosting and domain name registration costs - Many designers charge more than double what a dedicated hosting company would. We do offer hosting at 4D Web Designs but if your needs are clearly better suited with a dedicated company, we will inform you and offer to set this up at no extra cost.
  7. We listen to our clients needs at all stages of development - We offer a flexible web design service where by a client, for example, can may decide to give us complete freedom over the design of their website, on the other hand another client could outline precisely how each page should appear on screen. Since we design each site from scratch we are happy to suite your needs during the development of your website.